You should not choose too simple topics for the graduation project, the chance is great that you simply unwittingly repeat any thesis that was handed over earlier. It is also not always advisable to take topics that are difficult and poorly studied in the scientific world, this will increase the time spent on writing a thesis because it will not be easy to find information.

If possible, then select the enterprise where you work or have had practice as the base of the research.


Start with a critical review of the scientific literature on your topic. This will provide an opportunity to understand what information is available, and how to formulate sections and paragraphs of the thesis in order to use it. Unique and useful information on the Internet is enough to write a thesis on almost any topic, which reduces the need for visiting libraries.

Based on the selected information, write a thesis plan, the sequence of presentation of information should be logical.

Writing an introduction to the thesis will help determine the relevance of the work, formulate the goals and objectives of the thesis project. Each item of the thesis should give an answer to one of the tasks. Clearly state the object, subject of research, determine the methodology and information base. In the end, it is worth emphasizing separately the scientific and practical value of the thesis.

If you change the text or structure of the thesis, leave the draft and old versions, it is never known which of them may please the supervisor, and what information will be needed to make corrections.


To make the process of writing a thesis easy, choose supervisors who come in contact and have a desire to read your work and make changes to them. It is advisable to ask in advance about “harmful” or eternally busy teachers.

Show your supervisor drafts of the thesis, and not all the work at once. So the teacher will be sure that you definitely write it yourself.

Do not find fault with the ideas and corrections of the supervisor and do not ignore his requirements.

Do not be late for consultations, learn the name and surname of the teacher, his academic titles. Like the names of all members of the commission, this will save you from unpleasant embarrassment on defense.

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